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I. Claret Home, Marthidi

Missionary endeavours in the area of Marthidi in the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh started from the Vijayanagar parish in 1965 and it remained as its substation till 1996. Claretians took up this mission and the whole of Bejjoor mandal for missionary evangelization and expansion in the year 1999 Aiming at the overall development of the village communities, the centre runs a Telugu medium (Mary Matha) school and a boarding for the girls and boys numbering 180 students.

Our missionary activities include:

Evangelization & Pastoral care: Christ the King Church, Marthidi mission centre has 143 Catholic families, with 650 members in ten villages and eight other non-Christian villages. Our missionaries enter to the remote and far away villages in view of evangelization and pastoral care. Some of the villages under our pastoral care are: Rudrapur, Munchampally, Sulugupilly, Yelukkapilly, Marthidi, Bogudaguda, Gillada, Lumbinagar, Thummannoor, Dimda, Gudam, Chitham… etc.

St. Alphonsa Chapel, Munchampally: A substation chapel 7 kms away from the main station Marthidi with 15 families

Education–Mary Matha School: A Telugu medium primary school is run by our missionaries. Around 300 children are studying in this institution. The Franciscan Clarist Sisters are also teaching here.

St. Claret Children’s Home: Boarding for village children accommodates 180 Children both boys and girls from near and far away villages are staying and studying in the schools.

Village development and housing project: The overall development of the villages is the motto fo Claretian presence in this area. Therefore we concentrate more on village development, housing projects and programs.

Social and economic welfare program: The people of this area are economically very poor and majority of them are illiterate. They lack the basic facilities like food, clothing, proper houses, healthcare, transportation, communication etc.

Social awareness, healthcare and Women empowerment projects: From the very beginning of our ministries in this area our missionaries gave due importance to Social awareness, healthcare and Women empowerment projects. People and agencies from different spheres of the society were part of this program. 

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