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We, the Claretian Missionaries, place ourselves at the service of the Word, as its prophets, in the style of St Anthony Mary Claret, our Founder. Claret, who desired to save people through urgent, timely and effective means, saw education as a powerful weapon for social, economic and spiritual transformation of the people. Hence, every Claretian, by virtue of his heritage and charism, considers education as an integral apostolate of the mission. Education is essentially a service and a means of liberation from ignorance and illiteracy. Prior to Vatican ll and even several years after, education is not treated as an integral part of the Church's mission. lt is still considered merely as a meritorious spiritual act of mercy. For us Claretians, education ministry and educational institutions are not means for profit; rather it is a service we render to the society for integral human promotion and towards creating a civilization of love'. The aim of our education ministry is to assist the citizens to be open to the life of the nation and the world at large. For the integral growth and development of the people of lndia, especially the marginalized, one of the most effective and urgent means is value-based education. We, the members of St. Thomas Province are committed to imparting such education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Claretian educational apostolate in lndia is: "To form spiritually oriented, morally upright, intellectually competent; socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic education, for the creation of a civilization of love". Each of our educational institution shall strive to realize this mission in all its endeavors.

Vision of our education apostolate

Claretian apostolate of education is a continuation of the ministry of Jesus, Educator par excellence, who sought the integral human formation based on perennial values of the kingdom. Keeping Jesus as the foundation, Mother Mary as the inspiration and the prophetic tradition of St Anthony Mary Claret as the guiding force, Claretian Educational Apostolate seeks to form the youth of today, especially those in the fringes of society, into prophetic agents of personal and social transformation. Our vision is that "Knowledge should not be confined to the four walls of the institution. lt should percolate outside, reach out to the needy and the un reached; encourage students to appreciate the virtues of collaboration; foster the habits of responsibility and self discipline; promote initiatives and exercise of individual judgment; and encourage an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of a changing society, yet firmly upholding a belief in basic values and standards." At present there are six schools and three boardings for the St. Thomas Province.

Our Schools

Little Flower Public School and Junior College,
Kollamula, Mukkoottuthara - 686 510
Pathanamthitta Dist.
Tel: +91-4735-264855, 264388
St. Claret School, Barakala
Kothi- 485 666
Satna Dist.
Madhya Pradesh
Tel: +91-767-1272438, 2506071
St. Claret School, Charity
Vythiri - 673 576
Wynad, Kerala
Tel: +91-4936-256466
St. Claret School, Chimur
Neri Road
Chimur - 442 903
Chandrapur Dist.
Tel: +91-7170-266169
St. Claret Vidhya Niketan, Penchikalpet
Penchikalpet - 504 296
Sirpur Kaghaznagar via
Adilabad Dist
Andhra Pradesh
St. Joseph School, Vettampara
Kothamangalam - 686 691
Emakulam, Kerala
Fatima Children's Home, Kaghaz Nagar
Kaghaz Nagar - 504 296
Adilabad Dist.
Andhra Pradesh

Amala Vidhya Niketan, Penchikalpet
Penchikalpet - 504 296
Sirpur Kaghaznagar via
Adilabad Dist
Andhra Pradesh


Karukutty- 683576, Angamaly, Ernakulam Dt., Kerala, Tel. 0484 2613434, 3233666
E-mail : [email protected], Website:
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