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Evangelization and Pastoral Care

Evangelization and pastoral care includes spiritual assistance and essential material support and may include supplementary services beyond those available in the community. Any pastoral and evangelization activity is to be exercised in the context of a struggle for liberation in all its aspects. Our pastoral and evangelization activities include the proclamation of the Word of God, catering to the spiritual and sacramental needs of the traditional and established parishes and its faithful, the migrant communities, formation of small Christian communities, evangelization initiatives in completely non-Christian areas… etc.


Meaningful celebration of the Word of God and administration of the Sacraments; proper spiritual accompaniment; specialization for Bible Apostolate; collaboration with the Local Hierarchy and other religious groups; promotion of lay leadership; formation of Small Christian Communities; spiritual animation of various groups of faithful; spiritual welfare initiatives; formation of religious and clergy; participation of laity in Church administration; Lay Claretian Movement and ministry among adivasis and subalterns – all these are the principal objectives of our evangelization and pastoral care enterprises.

Ministry of the Word

The essential mission of the Church is to proclaim the Word of God and promote the faith in the contemporary human society. The life of a missionary is modeled after the life of his Master who went about preaching and teaching the word of God. Therefore, the primary duty of a missionary is to proclaim God's revelation to a world that is eager to listen to the message of salvation. And the missionary mandate of the Lord calls for sharing this Gospel till the ends of the earth, making no distinction with believers and non-believers.


Catechesis, evangelization or missionary preaching, retreat preaching, Bible classes, Bible study groups are the objectives of the ministry of the Word.

Our Parishes

Andhra Pradesh


  1. Fathima House, Kaghaznagar
  2. Kaghaznagar, a municipal town with a population of hundred thousand is situated about 20kms away from Sirpur the Taluk headquarters, in the district of Adilabad. The town got this name because of the paper (kaghaz) mill.

    Fathima Church, Kaghaznagar has a long history and is one of the oldest churches in this region. In 2002 Mar Joseph Kunnath, Bishop of Adilabad, offered this parish to the Claretian Missionaries by a signed contract of 99 years, for missionary evangelization and expansion in the mandals of Bejjur and Kaghaznagar. This mission, Fathima House, was raised to the status of a house in 2002.

    To meet the various needs of the people of this area, we have taken up different projects like:

  3. Evangelization & Pastoral care: Fathima Church is a vibrant parish community having 270 catholic families and most of them are poor and labourers at the paper mill. Besides the pastoral care of the parish community our missionaries have extended the missionary activities to 30 surrounding villages. Prayer services and social activities are initiated in these villages.
  4. Fathima Children’s Home: Education- Boarding for village children:  This mission centre runs a boarding for boys and girls to support the finally poor children.
  5. St. Claret International School: In 2002 Fathima House started an English medium school named St. Claret International School.
  6. Village development program and housing projects
  7. Medical and healthcare program
  8. Social and Economic awareness
  9. Women welfare and empowerment project   
  10. Tribal welfare program



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