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We are completing the introductory year of the project The Forge in Our Daily Life. In fact, the Quid Prodest stage is never over. We are always asking for the truth of who we are and what we do as Claretians. We could say that what we have the Quid Prodest in our DNA.

I hope you had the opportunity to evaluate the project’s progress in your Community. The impressions that have been coming were varied, though generally positive. Some communities, from the beginning, took the project seriously and implemented strategies to encourage individuals to participate. Others, for various reasons, had difficulties to implement it, like, lack of time (which is always and every time an excuse), forgetfulness, does not know how to do it, we have our routine spiritual exercises in the parish, retreat, prayer services, etc. For some, The Forge in Our Daily Life is reduced almost to the workbooks. Thus make various judgments about.

At the end of this first year, we need to remember once again that the notebooks are only instruments in the service of some goals which are concerned with our personal renewal. Moreover, to be effective, they must be connected to other project’s dynamics: the daily practice of lectio divina, spiritual guidance and community meetings. I think we need to continue taking steps and not confuse the ends with the means. Let us examine genuinely the difficulties we have encountered during the Quid Prodest stage and recommit ourselves to the implementation of the Patris Mei stage with motivation.

With the beginning of the new liturgical year, the Advent season, we inaugurate with the year of Patris Mei stage. While Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8) we are always open to novelty and surprise. We believe in the Holy Spirit who makes all things new (cf Ps 104:30).

If you have some ideas on how to improve participation, please let us share each other.

Let us inaugurate the year of Patris Mei on November 27, 2011.

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