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A son of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Claretian) is formed in the Heart of the Blessed Mother. Mary forms us in the forge of her heart, in the furnace of her love and mercy. She shapes us in her heart by making us grow in the traits of a perfect disciple of Jesus. The Objective of formation is to promote our growth in union and conformity with Christ, according to the Claretian charism in the Church, by means of a personalizing process, in each concrete situation and with openness to universality. (Formation of Missionaries, No.12) The candidate who joins the Claretian Missionaries of St. Thomas Province undergoes formation at different stages. The following are the various stages

Vocation Ministry and Minor Seminary

The aim of Vocation Ministry is to help individual candidates to make their personal option for Christ and grow in their vocation of service in the Church and beget in them an aptitude toward the Claretian Community. The minor seminary helps the adolescents and young men who show some signs of a Claretian vocation with an opportunity to explore it and to arrive at a free and responsible decision concerning it.

Main Objectives

To find and promote vocations to Claretian family.
We also foster different forms of vocations existing in our congregation in such as to priesthood, permanent deacons and brotherhood.
To admit prospective Claretian vocations into our minor seminaries after proper discernment. Integral formation of the candidate and harmonious development of the psycho-physical, i ntellectual and moral conditions which correspond to his age.
To create an atmosphere of fraternity, openness and responsibility thereby achieving a greater emotional and sexual maturity.


The stage of postulancy is the time (3 years normally) to impart competent philosophical training; secure a university degree in arts and humanities and some basic religious and spiritual formation so that the formees have a firm intellectual, psychological and spiritual foundation for the entry into the novitiate.

Main Objectives

To deepen the intimacy with God, the Father and discover Christ in all things and all things in Christ and discern the action of the Holy Spirit in one's life.
To foster deeper awareness of one's religious vocation.
To experience and understand the Claretian life and mission today so that the formees are equipped to make a conscious option being aware of the meaning and responsibilities of the vocation.
To help the formees adequately care for their physical well-being.


Regency is the period of at least one year when the student consolidates and personalizes what is learned during novitiate in the context of the actualities of the mission and is enabled to make definite option for Claretian missionary life according to the various needs of the congregation.

Main Objectives

To deepen the faith convictions in the context of our apostolate
To develop a sense of belonging to Claretian family and active participation in its mission.
To experience mature Claretian community life .
To develop leadership qualities, initiatives and creativity .


In the stage of Theology studies (4 years normally), the student learns to take greater responsibility for his own integral formation, seeking God's will and assistance. He learns to integrate theological studies and reflections into his own personality, under the guidance of the formator to arrive at a clear vision of his mission. The formee intensely prepares himself to commit totally in the congregation and by receiving ministries and holy orders to participate in the mission of the Church.

Main Objectives

To have deeper filial relationship with God, the Trinity through prayer.
To deepen one's faith through interiorisation of the sacred sciences
To be rooted in deep prayer life, Christian virtues and moral values
To prepare oneself for the missionary life in future
To grow in cordi marian spirituality
To achieve human maturity required of one's age


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