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Claret Sadan

Fr. George Chirackalpurayidom
Fr. Varkey Thanniiyil
Fr. Mathew Thottathil
Claret Sadan,the first ever mission proper of the claretians in the Syro Malabar Church,is situated in the Diocese of Manathavady in Wayanad district in the northern part of Kerala.Claretian presence in this area goes back to the year 1985 when we took up this mission with two parishes at the invitation of the then Bishop of Manathavady.Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy.St George Church,Charity and St Thomas Church,Olivumala wewe remote parishes unestablished and less developed with no proper church building,no regular Mass and not even the minimum facilities for a resident priest.After being given these parishes on a temporary basis to the Claretians,Fr.Thomas Perikilakatt took charge as the parish priest in June 1985.In 1993 by a written agreement between the Bishop of Manathavady,Mar Jacob Thommkuzhy and the Major Superior of the Province of Bangalore,Rev.FR.Kuriakose Thekkilakattil,the two Parishes of Charity and Olivumala were entrusted to the Claretians permanently.There are around 100 families each in both parishes.The residence for the missionariesClaret Sadan,was established with the status of a residence in 1987.It was raised to the status of a house in 1995.Claret Sadan attends to the pastoral care of the faithful in these parishes.Both the parishes are modelled after the BCC(Basic Christain Community) and there are vibrant and lively parish communities present here.The missionaries organize the youth and the children of these parishes for their integral growth and to make them authentic leaders of the church and the society.KCYM,CML,Vincent De Paul,Mathru Jyothi and INFAM are some of the associations that function in these parishes.

The Claret Sadan community aims at the integral development of the area.The Missionaries have undertaken various social ,economic and developmental programs for the welfare of the people of this locality.Once a backward area having no proper housing,roads,bridges,electricity,communication facilities etc. today it is a competitive match for any developed village in the district.through the great initiatives of our missionaries and the efforts of the people here this mission station has undergone dramatic changes ever since it was entrusted to the Claretians.A beautiful church is constructed at Charity in1996 and at Olivumala in 2005.In 2003 an English Medium School (St Claret School)was started at Charity and the School building was blessed in June 2005.In collaboration with government and non-government agencies and personnel the missionaries have brought in many developmental activities here.Housing for the shelterless,study aids for the poor children irrespective of religion,medical helps,saving schemes,agricultureloans etc. are some of the activities in progress today.The Sacred Heart Sisters collaborate with the Missionaries in the pastroal care of the local community.They assist in liturgical services,catechism,prayer session,house visits etc.A tailoring center to give training to the poor girls of the locality and a home for the aged called Snehalaya is run by the sisters here.This mission also hopes to open a vocational training center for the local people to address the problem of unemployment.
Pastorl Care-St George Church,Charity,St Thomas Church,Olivumala
Education St Claret School,Charity
Ministry among the migrants,estate workers,tribals etc.
Social Welfare Program
Ministry among the youth
Self-employment program


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