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Christu Nilayam

Fr. Jacob Mundiath
Fr. Thomas Valiplackal
Fr. Thomas Vadakkekunnel
The Claretian presence in the diocese of Kothamangalam goes back to the early 1970s when we bought the CB Estate at Malippara. But it was only after almost three decades of continuous search and waiting we could open up a mission station of our own at the foot of the high ranges of Kerala. In February 1999 we officially inaugurated Christu Nilayam as a center for the pastoral care of the people of Vettampara, especially of St Sebastian?s Church, which was bifurcated from the Malipara Church.

Vettampara, a small and remote village having a catholic population of around 700 people, is little more than four kilometers away from Malippara. Though a vibrant community the Christian life and the spirituality of these people suffered a great lot as they felt themselves far away from the church and there was no proper means of conveyance to reach the parish at Malipara in time for the liturgical services. And there was a real thrust for a church at Vettampara. But due to various reasons and excuses people of this area were deprived of even a small wayside chapel for prayer and worship.

In October 1999 all the 98 catholic families of Vettampara region expressed their desire to from themselves into a separate parish and the head of the families signed the request and application and presented them to Mar George Punnakottil, Bishop of Kothamangalam, for approval. The bishop considered favourbly the request of the people of Vettampara to open a new Parish and issued his order to open the Mission on the New Year Day of the Third Millennium. The parish community under the guidance of Fr. Thomas Varakukalayil, the first parish priest, joyfully celebrated the erection of the new parish in a temporary shed, where the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical services continued till the blessing of the newly constructed church. St Sebastian?s Church, Vettampara was raised to the status of an independent parish under the pastoral care of Claretians on 16 July 2000 by the bishop. With the contribution of the people and the generous support of the German Province of the Claretians we were able to construct a beautiful church here and it was blessed on 1 April 2004.

Christu Nilayam was raised to the status of a residence on 24 October 2001. The main apostolate of this residence is parish ministry and the management of the C.B. Estate. The mission also takes up other social and charitable activities within the parish. The parish also has a Lower Primary School and we exercise the management of the same. There is vast scope for further missionary activities and socio-cultural development programs, and the Congregation looks forward to enhance the developmental activities here.
Pastoral Care - St Sebastian's Church, Vettampara
Social Welfare Program
Education - St Joseph's L. P. School, Vettampara
Agriculture and Farming


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