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In the year 1997 His grace Mar Joseph Kundukulam, the late Archbishop of Thrissur invited Claretian Missionaries to take up some pastoral ministry in his archdiocese. Responding to the invitation our missionaries visited Thrissur bishop?s house and discussed the matter with the Archdiocesan authorities. The diocese then entrusted two parishes St Joseph?s Church, Kombazha and St Joseph?s Church, Chumannamannu to the care of the Claretians. For many reason these two parishes were neglected parishes of the diocese. There were no resident priests in both these parishes for almost 22 years before it was entrusted to us. Though these parishes are established on the national highway side between Trissur and Palakkad, majority of the parishioners lived in the interior and close to the forest. These are the border parishes of the Trissur diocese in the northern region. We felt that it is an ideal place for missionary service and renewal of faith, which calls for urgent, timely and effective means of evangelization the Claretian way.

Claretians began their missionary activities and pastoral care in these parishes on 18 January 1998 with Fr. Joy Cheradiyil staying in the Pattikkad Forane Church looking after the spiritual needs of the people of Kombzha and Chumannamannu Parishes. In June 1998 our Missionaries, Fr. Mathew Keechira and Fr. Jacob Mundiath, rented a house close to the parish in Chumannamannu and then we bought a plot of land and a small house at Kombazha near the Parish Church to make a community there.Lot of activities started once the Claretians took up the pastoral care of these two parishes. Not only the spiritual but also other aspects of the faithful were taken care. We also helped few economically backward families to construct their own houses. New Parish Church & Residence: The Foundation stone for the new church at Kombazha was laid on 12 September 1999 and church was blessed by Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, Archbishop of Thrissur on 13 April 2002. It was a sign of committed service by our missionaries in a completely neglected area. At present there are 130 families in this parish of Kombzha.

After repeated requests from St Thomas Delegation, the Archdiocesan authorities gave permission to start a foundation for us at Kombazha. The foundation stone for the new building was laid on 7 December 2001 and on 7 August 2002 Rev. Fr. Maria Arul, cmf (Vicar General of Claretian Congregation) opened the house and Msgr. George Manadan (Vicar General of Thrissur Archdiocese) blessed the new residence Claret Nivas. The General Government erected it as a house in 2002. The Claretian presence has given an impetus to the overall development of the faithful of these two parishes. The presence of confraternities in the parish plays a great role in moulding the Christian life of the faithful. The Vincent de Paul society, KCYM, Mission League, Mathrujyothi are active in the parish. Parish ministry is the main apostolate of this house. But our missionaries are also involved in preaching ministry and other social development programs. In the year 2002 the Archdiocese has taken back the Chumannamannu parish and now only the Kombazha community is under the Claretian care.
Pastoral Care - St Joseph's Church, Kombazha, St. Alphonsa Church, Plackode
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