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Missionary endeavours in the area of Marthidi in the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh started in 1965 from the Vijayanagar Parish. It remained a sub station of the Vijayanagar Parish until 1996 when Marthidi was officially declared an independent mission station in the diocese of Chanda. Claretians took up this Mission station and the whole of Bejjur Mandal in 1999, as Fr. Jose Kattath, the first Claretian missionary began missionary activities under the invitation of the Bishop of Chanda, Mar Vijay Anand. When the Telugu speaking regions of the Chanda diocese was formed into a new diocese called Adilabad diocese, the Marthidi mission also came under it. And on 8 June 2000 a new parish Church (Christ the King Church, Marthidi) was blessed and Fr. Jose Kidangayil was appointed as the first priest in-charge. This parish has six centres (village communities) with 145 Catholic families. The Claretian Fathers community here was raised to the status of a residence in 2001 and was named as St. Claret Home.

The people of this area are economically very poor and majority of them are illiterate. They lack the basic facilities like food, clothing, proper houses, medical facilities, transportation, communication facilities etc. Aiming at the overall development of the village communities the center runs a Telugu medium school here. In 2001 we opened a boarding for the poor children of the locality. There are eighty students in the boarding at present.

Our missionary activities here include regular prayer meetings, village visits, faith formation, catechetics, Bible classes, housing for the homeless, healthcare programs, vocational training, education etc. The FCC Sisters of Vijayawada Province who are present in the parish from 1996 onwards render their service in the school, collaborate in the pastoral and social activities and provide medical care.


Pastoral Care-Christu Raj Church, Marthidi
Education-Lower Primary School
Boarding for village children
Village Development Program
Social and Economic Welfare Program
Social awareness program & Healthcare

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