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Kaghaz Nagar

Fr. Mechirackal Mathew
Fr. Elamplasseril Sebastian
Kaghaz Nagar, a municipal town with a population of hundred thousand, is situated about 20 kms away from Sirpur, the Taluk headquarters, in the district of Adilabad. The town got this name because of the Paper (Kaghaz) mill run by the Birla Group of Companies. Most of the inhabitants of this town are settlers from far away places who came to work in the factory. About 2000 people are employed in the paper mill. Fatima Church, Kaghaz Nagar has a long history and is one of the oldest churches in this region. It was formed even before the formation of the diocese of Chanda in the year 1962. The old church was remodeled and expanded in 1991. Mar. Joseph Kunnath, Bishop of Adilabad offered this Parish to the Claretian Missionaries in 2002 and signed a contract with the Claretian Missionaries of St Thomas Delegation for entrusting Kaghaznagar and Bejjoor Mandals including the three mission centers - Kaghaz Nagar, Marthidi and Penchikalpet - to the Claretians for 99 years. This mission, Fatima House, was raised to the status of a house in 2002. Fr. Mathew Keechira took charge of this mission as the parish priest and superior of the community in the same year.

Prayer and Eucharist services

Boarding Students
Fatima Church is a vibrant parish community having people from all walks of life. Among the 150 catholic families that form part of the parish community most of them are poor and second-class labourers at the paper mill. The parish now runs a boarding for boys and girls. The Carmelite Sisters who are associates of our mission here run an English medium school. The scope for evangelization and missionary activities is great here.

Besides the pastoral care of the parish community our missionaries have widened the activities to the nearby villages. More than ten villages are visited every week. Prayer services and social activities are initiated in these villages. Medical and health care facilities are a major concern for the people here. People are also faced with the problem of proper drinking water. Standard institutions of higher education, employment opportunities, social integration of the various groups of people etc. are also concerns of the people here. We will have to design different developmental programs that can answer to the various needs of the people here.


Pastoral Care - Fatima Church, Kaghaz Nagar
Education - Boarding for village children
Village Development Program
Social and Economic awareness and welfare program

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