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Encounter with Claret Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky It is with great joy that we are sending you this partial communication about our ongoing Encounter with Claret here in Vic, Spain, especially on the occasion of the birth of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary which is today the 8th of September. The program, initiated by the General Prefecture on Formation, is presently facilitated by Fr. Jesu Doss, CMF and Fr. Jesus Palacios, CMF. A total of 16 participants are in attendance, coming from our different English-speaking Provinces and Delegations of the Congregation. (Bangalore-3; Chennai-2; East Asian Delegation-2; Gabon-1; Indonesia and East Timor-2; North East India-2; Philippines-1; St. Thomas-1; and West Nigeria-2) The encounter, which officially started September 1, begun with a day of recollection. The first week of this month introduced all participants to the person of our founder and the more significant places vis-à-vis the geographical context of St. Anthony Mary Claret (Sallent, Fussimanya, Vic, Seva, Viladrau, Espinelves, Barcelona, to name a few). Part of the daily Eucharistic celebrations that we have is to celebrate it with other Religious Communities which played key roles in the life of our founder and the early years of the congregation´s foundation (e.g. Santa Teresa Contemplative Convent, Vedruna Sisters´ Convent, San Miguel de los Santos Convent) The second week of this encounter will bring the participants to Fontfroide, France, Cervera and Barbastro, Zaragoza, La Granja, Segovia and El Escorial. This week aims to deepen more the participants´ understanding of Claret and the Congregation while setting a fresh gaze on the martyrial dimension of our vocation as best exemplified by our very own Martyrs of Barbastro. As we move forward in this fraternal encounter, we humbly ask for your continuous prayers for all the participants and facilitators. May this occasion not only bring us understanding of our collective spiritual and congregational roots, but a deeper appreciation of our missionary vocation, mission and community life as Claretians in our contemporary time. Caritas Christi Urget Nos.
Shijan Thonipparayil Perpetual Profession Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky On 22 September, 2012 Shijan Thomas Thonipparayil professed perpetually in the congregation. The religious ceremony was attended by over 400 people and with a massive participation of Claretians (fathers and brothers). The Holy Mass was presided by the Fr. Mario Gutierrez , provincial of San José del Sur. Later they had a agape with the distinguished guests and the well wishers. With joy and happiness we wish him God’s abundant blessings to be a true son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You may see the photos in the following link:
CPH Karukutty: Superiors Meeting 2012 Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky Superiors of the province of the Claretians of St Thomas gathered at the CPH from 18-21 September 2012.  The meeting started with evening Solemn Rosary. Fr. Provincial welcomed all with love and wished a fraternal encounter. On 19th morning the provincial council lead the prayers and the members concelebrated the Holy Qurbana and during the homily Fr. Provincial highlighted the role of a superior in a community and spoke of the twelve goals for consecrated life 2020 (from the national convention of young religious) Good Governance in Religious Congregations Messengers of the Kingdom Transformers of human community People given identity for what they are to them A life style of inclusive communion Powered by evangelical counsels Membership of adult prophets and professionals Holistic creation spirituality Organizational presence and mission thrust Media active witness of life and intervention Connected to modern technology for effectiveness Partnership and networking for evangelical fruitfulness At 9.00am, I session began with a prayer lead by Fr. Joy Cheradiyil and Fr. George Kollamparampil welcomed and wished a fruitful encounter to all. Fr. Provincial inaugurated the meeting with lighting the lamp. At the time of presentation of reports, Fr. George Kollamparampil, provincial secretary, presented the provincial report and Fr. Jose Pulinkunnel the economic report of the province. Today for the II, III and IV sessions were continued with the presentation of the house reports and made its clarifications.
Home Coming Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky Manila, August 21, 2012 Greetings from Fr. Thomas Varakukalayil, CMF from Manila, Philippines. Hope that you are all fine by the grace of God.  I came to the Philippines in the 2nd half of 2006 to pursue my Doctoral studies in Theology. I enrolled in the first semester of 2007 at UST (University of Santo Tomas) and finished my studies in December 2009. While I was preparing to return to India, the Philippine Province requested for my service to teach at ICLA (Institute for Consecrated life in Asia). When Fr. General came to the Philippines for the Chapter of the Province during January, 2010, he had a personal dialogue with me and explained the need of professors in ICLA especially in the context of the sudden death of Fr. Moraleda, CMF, director of ICLA, in a road accident. The General appointed me in ICLA as professor for two years with the consent of Fr. Jose Thenpillil, then provincial superior considering the need of the congregation. At the completion of the agreed upon term of two years, I was preparing to come back to the St. Thomas Province. Eventually it was proposed to appoint me as the Treasurer (Procurator) of ICLA but I was not really interested to this proposal. Yet Provincial of Philippines appointed me as Treasure of ICLA on 1 April, 2012. I then wrote to Fr. General and the Provincial of the Philippine Claretians expressing my unwillingness to accept the appointment and at the same time thanking them for showing trust and confidence in me. But both of them asked me to adjust myself and to accept the appointment. Such dialogue continued for more than two months. I wrote to them again that I felt uncomfortable to accept the responsibility as the treasurer of ICLA.  I was really enthusiastic to come back to the St. Thomas Province, even though Fr. General and the Philippine Provincial were lovingly compelling me to accept the responsibility. I wrote again on 18 June 2012 very clearly to Fr. General and the Philippine Provincial regarding my unwillingness to accept the responsibility as the treasurer of ICLA and asked them to look for another person for the same position and I expressed my desire to return to St Thomas Province. Because of my repeated request, Fr. General wrote to me accepting my request in principle but asked me to continue at least for one more semester so as to avoid difficulties in the academic programmes of ICLA.  Since it was a real need I agreed for the same; but again wrote letters to Fr. General and the Philippine Provincial on July 29, to permit me to leave ICLA at the earliest after completing the required number of classes by taking additional classes and they responded positively.  Thus I will be taking extra classes to finish the required number of classes. I hope to be back to our province by the end of August, 2012 or by the beginning of September 2012.  I am eagerly waiting to see you all. At this juncture I express my gratitude to the Philippine province for putting their trust in me even by appointing me as the treasurer of ICLA which itself is an appreciation they awarded to me. I pray for the Philippine Province that God may bless all the members of the Province to carry on God’s mission entrusted to them. I thank sincerely the St.Thomas Province for giving me the chance of pursuing my doctoral studies.  In a very special way I thank Rev. Dr. Augustine Mundiath, CMF the former Provincial and his council for sending me to the Philippines for my doctoral studies.  During his term Rev. Dr. Jose Thenpillil, CMF as Provincial, I got his support together with his council. Now during the term of Rev. Dr. Thomas Vattukulam, CMF as Provincial, I am back to my home Province to cooperate with him and his council for the mission entrusted to the Province.  I am eagerly waiting to see all the members of the Province. Yours in Jesus, Fr. Thomas Varakukalayil, CMF
Medical camp: Penchikalpet Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky On 11 September Claret Vihar community has organized a free medical camp for the villagers at Penchikalpet. We started the camp at 10.00 am. Doctors and lab technicians from the Asifabad Government hospital have done the check up for the patients. The ex-district councilor of the village Mr. Baktu Ramchandar inaugurated the programme. Nearly 220 people with various diseases benefited the programme.  We have adopted a theme for the medical camp ‘HEALTH IS THE TREASURE FOR EVERY ONE’. Fr. Vipin exhorted that in order to be healthy we will have to make our surroundings clean. The free medical camp got over by 4.00 pm.
Council of Apostolate meeting at Claretian Provincial House Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky A meeting of the Council of Apostolate was held from 13-14 September 2012 at Claretian provincial House, Karukutty. Fr. Provincial in his introductory session presented the four priorities for Apostolate of the ASCLA West received from the General Prefect of Apostolate for the discussion. He also asked the council to evaluate the reception and implementation of the pastoral plan in the province. Frs. Keechira, Pettayil, Tharappel and Machukuzhy were present for the meeting and the Prefect of Apostolate animated the meeting. Fr. Kollamparampil in his talk invited the members to discuss on the need of mass media and communication; the use of internet and the congregational websites for evangelization. Action plan of the provincial government, pastoral plan of the province, Karuna Foundation and the future social activities and common suggestions for improvement were the mode of discussion. The council had a fruitful evaluation of the apostolic activities and different ministries of the province. A report was presented in the concluding session presided by Fr. Provincial and he appreciated the members of the council for their active participation and he clarified some of the queries raised by the members. 
Kuravilangad, Claret Bhavan: Vocation Camp Hacked By Spoucky
Hacked By Spoucky From August 26-28 the Claret Bhavan community conducted JEEVITHA DARSANA Camp for the students who are studying in 8th, 9th and 10th classes. The Camp began on 26th evening at Claret Bhavan with the lighting of the lamp by Rev Fr. Joseph Madhavath CMF and the message was given by Rev Fr. John Thadathil CMF the Superior of the Community. The camp was organized by the Vocation Promoter, Rev.Fr. Tomsy Palackal CMF. 132 students from different parts of Kerela attended the Camp. Qualified resource persons like Fr. Siby Njavallykunnel CMF, Fr Michael Plamparampil CMF, Fr. Alexander Kureekatil CMF, Fr. Manoj Vadakkedath CMF and Fr. Bibin Vadakekunnel CMF interacted with the students. All students noted their satisfaction and requested for further such programs those they feel are certainly throwing some light on their lives.  

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